We are CLM Corredor Logístico Multimodal

Group 238

SINCE 2007

CLM is represented indistinctly by Engineer Julio César Coppola Alonso and Jorge Cárcova Munilla, who are the two main partners of the Company, and who act respectively as President and Vice President. Both have a vast professional career linked to the essential and regulatory aspects of their new project.

The new LA PALOMA HUB port will be an energy- and socially sustainable port, through the balance between three main dimensions: energy security, social equity and mitigation of environmental impact, with rigorous controls and standards in the operation of ships





Our H.E.A.R.T model (Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent, for its acronym in English), is a system that encourages making decisions based on these values ​​to create valuable ties, as well as a positive impact, both with the internal community and with its clients; and it has been an important axis for the growth of the company, respecting diversity, inclusion and belonging.



Our Team

Julio César Coppola Alonso

CLM President
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Foto Jorge Carcova Munilla

Jorge Cárcova Munilla

CLM Vice President
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Antonio Marinetto Calvo-Flores
Chief Executive Officer
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Horacio Odizzio
Accounting Departament
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Rubén Osvaldo Luchinsky
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Miguel Erdozain
Fluvial, Maritime and Logistic Operations Department
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Gustavo Marcelo Di Paola
Economic Departament
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Carlos María Serrentino
Environmental Studies Department
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Esc. Mauricio Montero
Notarial Department
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Manuel Echánove
Renewable Energies Department
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Nora Adriana Rossjansky
Legal Advisers Department
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Matías Federico Luchinsky
Legal Advisers Department
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Claudio Coppola
Concessions Department
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Federico Garcia
Financial Coordination Department and Country Manager
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Pablo Fernandez Garateguy
Aeronautics Business Coordinator Department
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